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CTDP 2006

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CTDP 2006

Postby BoSSenna » Tue Apr 24, 2012 9:41 am

Hello boys, Just asking something, a big bug i found its with upgrades.ini and race season.

Doing an race season, using specific trackconfig for upgrades.ini

The bug is i need load 2 times the same track for the upgrades of that specific track working

Did you guys had the same problem?

Upgrades for Jordan 2005



On race weekend everything works fine!, and i even can make fixed setups and all AI uses the same setup i give them.

But when on Season... esample if i load monaco, wich has 17.400 rpm on race weekend, and load australia on race weekend it has 16.000 rpm, so all fine. and i can make fixed setups. and all AI uses the setup i send em.

But problem is when i load monaco on race weekend or even on race season and then australia on race season australia gets monaco setting upgrade. and i need leave track and load again, 2 times so then monaco works fine. its an annoying bug...

I tryed to remove the AIUpgradeClass, keeps doing same bug, Tryed to remove all incremental=1, keeps doing same bug. U guys know how to fix that bug? i have no answer from ISI, ISI doesnt care about offline racing wich is a shame lol
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