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Engine Wear - some questions

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Engine Wear - some questions

Postby ostry021 » Fri Dec 03, 2010 3:14 pm

I`ve got some questions about engine wear parameters. In the engine *.ini file there are lines like this:

LifetimeEngineRPM=(17500.0,250.0) // (base engine speed for lifetime, range where lifetime is halved)
LifetimeOilTemp=(115.0,3.0) // (base oil temp for lifetime, range where lifetime is halved)
LifetimeAvg=4000 // average lifetime in seconds

And I`m wondering if like in my example: at 17,750 rpm lifetime is halved (/2); at 17,500 rpm lifetime is normal (/1); so at 17,250 rpm lifetime is what ? also normal (/1) or maybe lifetime is twice longer (/1/2) ? The same situation about oil temperature.

Also - when I set LifetimeAvg = 4000 and server is set to Race Time Scale x2 then my average lifetime will be halved ? oraz stay invariable ?

Thx for the answer.
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