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Two gripes...

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Two gripes...

Postby lawndart » Wed Nov 10, 2010 10:48 pm

Two gripes...

1) you have basically ignored my querry for information on track conversion. Fine, we are not to convert SimBin tracks. I get it. What about other tracks? If I am to learn and contribute, being frozen out does nothting to help.

2) You Locked a thread that made a valid point about copyright restricted material and have denied me the opportunity to lear anything about track conversion.

So far a I feel about as welcome as a case of the measles, here. I had hoped that this forum would be more open to bringing more people interested in modding rF.
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Re: Two gripes...

Postby AndreasT » Thu Nov 11, 2010 1:02 am

Due to the fact that most of us are not into track conversion, we could only help by searching the internet for such tutorials ourselves. I'm pretty sure there are other forums that offer more useful information in this field.

Concerning 1)
While I may not doubt your intention to convert non-SimBin tracks only, there are enough people who would not care about any kind of legal aspect. Therefore we would generally not want to post such information (e.g. if we had such a tutorial collection or links to such material). Apart from these circumstances I cannot really see how GTR2 track conversion is a good or preferred way to learn making tracks for rfactor.

Concerning 2)
Right now we have a common understanding about legal aspects with respect to track conversion. What individuals do is up to their own responsibility, but as a group we want to stick to scratch-made stuff or converting our own material (e.g. to rfactor 2 when it comes out). As such most of us simply do not want to start a lengthy discussion on what is legal, what is not, where the boundary lines are, how large the grey zones are. We also do not want others (non-CTDP) to discuss here how material from other games can be converted to rfactor. From all this it does not automatically result that a corresponding thread is locked but it should also be no big surprise.

I'm sorry if you don't feel welcome, but if you want to learn about track conversion you will have to check other sites in the www.
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Re: Two gripes...

Postby Gonzo » Thu Nov 11, 2010 10:14 am

I think i closed that once or?
What about respecting this?

I think AndreasT said everything, we could offer to you.

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